About me…


I started my career in the fitness industry teaching group exercise classes while attending law school. After a one-year internship as a lawyer, it became clear to me that my passion was not in the courtroom. I transitioned to the management side of the fitness industry where I built and developed fitness and rewards programs for companies as well as managing various fitness centers.

Upon the arrival of my third child and with the completion of my MBA, I took a few years out of the work force to be a full time mom. It was during that time that I met some truly inspiring people that reminded me what I loved so much about fitness and encouraged me to push myself to new heights. I achieved some fitness goals that I had never thought I would and completely transformed the way I eat. What an incredible and empowering feeling! I was, and always will be grateful for the push and nudge that finally got me to where I want to be and I continue to set my sights on new challenges.

My goal is to now pay it forward and give that wonderful gift of a healthy and fit life style to others. I am an ACE certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, FMS-II (Functional Movement Screen), RKC-II (Russian Kettlebell Certification) and PCC (progressive Calisthenics Certification). I know that the key to maintaining a healthy life style is simply loving it, so I invite you to give me a call and let me help you find the path that is right for you. Be it personal training, on line training, bootcamps or home workouts, I will help you design a plan you love!

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